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Ryan's Reserve Update | October 2 |Fences along Swan Street installed

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The Richmond Netball Association is one of 5 User Groups which utilises Ryan's Reserve (RR). We operate out of RR on Monday nights & Saturdays only; other User Groups access RR on Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun.

During Feb - November 2019, the courts at Ryan's Reserve will be upgraded and all competitions will temporarily relocate to Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Blvd, Richmond.

Oct 26 Junior competition Round 12
Oct 28 Monday competition Round 11
Nov 9 Junior competition Round 13
Nov 11 Monday competition Round 12
Nov 16 Junior competition Round 14
Nov 17 Netball Victoria Leadership & Game Development Conference
Nov 18 Monday competition Round 13
Nov 23 Junior competition Round 15 & 13/U Knock Out Finals
Nov 25 Monday competition Knockout Finals
Nov 30 Junior competition Round 15 & 13/U Grand Finals
Dec 2 Monday competition Grand Finals

Netball > the #1 team sport for women and girls in Victoria (AusPlay April 2019)


If the temperature is 31-35 degrees then the quarters will be shortened and a short break allowable for a drink at 1/4 and 3/4 time. If the temperature reaches above 36 degrees, games will be cancelled.


Games will go ahead in rainy conditions. If conditions are deemed unsafe by the Supervisor (ie lightning), a timeslot by timeslot decision will be made 5 minutes prior to each timeslot.

Thanks to Netball Australia, Dave Callow & Julie Williams for the use of images throughout this website.