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We are keen to keep netballers involved in all facets of the sport and are proud to provide a very successful Umpire Mentor Program. If you are interested in umpiring, you must complete the Umpires Theory Exam prior to starting your training. The Level 1 Umpires Course will need to be completed approx 8 - 10 weeks after your training has commenced (when you have a better understanding and command of game management).

Umpires Theory Exam

The Umpires Theory Exam is now available online. Candidates are able to sit the exam at any time. 100 questions will be available for each online exam. The questions will be randomly selected and each exam will be different. Candidates must score a minimum of 70% in order to attempt their "C" grade badge. Go to Netball Victoria and check out the 'Get Involved' page

Level 1 Umpire Course

The pre-requisites for attending any Level 1 Umpires Course are as follows:

Must be at least 13 years of age;
Must have a current theory exam mark;
Must have umpiring experience.
This course must be completed prior to being tested for your 'C' badge.

Financial Membership

All umpires must ensure that they are financial members of Netball Victoria before they take the court to umpire. If umpires take the court whilst not a financial member, they are not covered by the Member to Member cover (where one member takes legal action against another member for injury caused), and the Association is also not covered by the Professional Indemnity cover.

2018 INF Rules of Netball > Download here

*Please note that this version is strictly for non-commercial use and not for re-print or sale. The copyright and intellectual property rights for the Rules of Netball are owned by INF.

National Umpire Development Framework > Download here