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Net Set GO!

Net Set GO is the official grassroots netball program in Australia developed for 5 - 10 year olds with little or no netball experience.

The Net Set Go Program runs as follows:

Tier 1: Skills program (5 - 7 years/beginner)

Net Set Go for 5-7 year olds is a play based movement skills program. Emphasis is on the acquisition of basic movement skills in a fun environment consisting of games and activities. Children join the program as individuals, not as teams and the focus is on participation and developing skills.

Tier 2: Skills and Competition Program for 8 - 10 years/Advanced

Net Set Go for 8-10 years olds in an introduction to the sport of netball and incorporates modified matches and equipment. It is a skill and competition based program that all children should participate in prior to entering junior rookie or 11U competitions.

The current Term 3 & 4 program is full. The next program is in 2018.

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